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About us

Law Office Stojanović


The lawyer Bratislav S. Stojanovic is the founder of the office, which has existed since 1997.

From 1997 to 2009 the headquarters of the Law Office Stojanović was in Leskovac, and since January 2010 it has been in Niš. It operates on the territory of Serbia and the region.

Mr. Stojanović is a regular participant in conferences in the field of road traffic and damage compensation.

Field of work

Polise auto novac
Law Office Stojanović provides legal services in the following areas:

  • traffic accidents,
  • adverse events compensation,
  • litigation procedure,
  • commercial law,
  • labor law,
  • real estate mediation,
  • criminal law.

A special area of expertise of the law office is representing clients in the cases of traffic accidents and adverse events compensation, as well as the representation of legal and natural persons before the courts and administrative bodies in civil cases, commercial disputes and in criminal proceedings. For its work purposes the law office hires permanent staff, eminent experts in their fields.

We offer our services in Serbian and English language.

Our office works closely with several law firms in Serbia.

Simulation of traffic accidents

SimulacijaMWe are registered users of the software

Virtual Crash belongs to a new generation of software products for the simulation of traffic accidents. It allows a detailed display of complex traffic events on a computer in 3D space and in real time.

Legal Information Systems

Law Office Stojanović has developed its own legal information system Advokat NET. The software is designed for the purpose of monitoring legal cases throughout the legal process, from the damage claim to the damage payment.

It was implemented within Microsoft ASP.NET technology and MySQL database. The system has been operating successfully in the local network of the Law Office Stojanović for three years, having more than 1000 legal cases in the database. We are constantly working on its improvement and the development of new features.

laptop cekicWe are registered users of the following software products:




Simulacija nezgoda


Virtual crash

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Address: Vožda Karađorđa 7/4
18 000 Niš, Serbia
Tel./Fax: +381 18 209 122
Tel./Fax: +381 18 245 910